Why You Should Always Shower after Exercise ...


Why  You Should Always Shower after Exercise ...
Why  You Should Always Shower after Exercise ...

Showering after working out ... it seems like common sense right? Well, you would be surprised by just how many people choose not to do it! It might be because they have something to get to quick, or it might be that they are so exhausted from the activity that they just want to flop, but whatever the reason might be, it’s something I would not advise! Here are a few simple reasons why you should always shower after exercise.

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First and foremost, it’s for hygiene! It’s good to sweat when exercising, but when that sweat stays on your body and gets stagnant, it not only begins to smell pungent but it can also start to have a bad effect on any small cuts or abrasions that you might have on your body. Avoid infection by just washing it away under a good jet of water!



Showers can be really helpful in terms of aiding your recovery after a hard work out. The feeling of aching you sometimes get is called onset muscle soreness, but it can be prevented by having a cold shower and holding the water directly over the muscles you’ve been working on. You can go even further if you want and have an ice bath just like professional athletes!


Fat Loss

Having a cold shower after working out can also aid in fat burning because to maintain your body temperature under the cold water, your metabolism has to increase by sometimes as much as 550%. It’s an easy way to get that metabolic rate racing, and super helpful when combined with the goodness of your work out.


Health and Mood

Exposure to cold water in particular has been linked by experts to the increase of a body’s supply of antioxidants, which can both boost your immune system and make you feel better mentally. It’s best to start off with a hot shower to get rid of the exercise sweat and grime, and then finish off with a cold burst to get all of the other benefits!

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