Why πŸ€” You Should Always πŸ’― Shower 🚿 after Exercise πŸ’ͺ ...


Showering after working out ... it seems like common sense right? Well, you would be surprised by just how many people choose not to do it! It might be because they have something to get to quick, or it might be that they are so exhausted from the activity that they just want to flop, but whatever the reason might be, it’s something I would not advise! Here are a few simple reasons why you should always shower after exercise.

1. Hygiene

First and foremost, it’s for hygiene! It’s good to sweat when exercising, but when that sweat stays on your body and gets stagnant, it not only begins to smell pungent but it can also start to have a bad effect on any small cuts or abrasions that you might have on your body. Avoid infection by just washing it away under a good jet of water!

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