Perfect 👌 Ways to Change up 🔄 Your Fitness 💪 Routine ...


Time to change your workout up? Looking for some ways to change up your fitness routine?

At this time of year, gyms are pretty full. Many of us are filled with good intentions. We have made health resolutions after the usual overindulgence of the holidays. It is great to join a gym and stick to an exercise program. What happens after a while though, is our bodies get used to the same thing over and over and so now is time to think about switching it up. Here are some ways to change up your fitness routine for great results.

1. Walking

One exercise that almost everyone can do is walking - it is great for you and so easy. If walking has become too easy, then try hills, try stairs, try speeding things up. Race your own times, find a walking partner. If you have a real spring in your step, do some little sprint bursts, say from one tree to the next. Walking is a beautiful exercise that is even recommended to ward off depression and other mental illnesses. Fitness, stress relief, and an environmentally friendly way to travel - why not? Walking is one of the best ways to change up your fitness routine.

Cycle Classes
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