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There is a major misconception in this fitness industry that stresses a pre-workout stretch. In reality, a post workout stretch is the most important, it can bring your workout to fruition and make everything make sense. It can help your muscles to recover more speedily and help prepare you for your next workout. A pre-workout stretch can also help to increase your range of motion and help you reach new heights in your fitness performance. So stretch it out with these super post workout stretches that will benefit your body!

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Ten Minute Post Workout Stretch

Stretch out your body and recover more easily with this ten minute post workout stretch. The stretching exercises in this video can help begin the first step of active recovery and have you feel fabulous in no time. Post stretching is surely an integral part of training!


Stretching Exercises to Relieve Soreness

As you feel super sore after your interval training, this is the perfect post workout stretch to seal the deal and get you healing. Follow along so you can heal quicker and get back feeling strong for your next fitness session in no time!


Post Workout Hamstring Stretch

Stretch up your hamstrings by laying on your back with leg raised and follow along with this video. This stretch will also help relieve tension in your lower back from your workout. So relax you body and relieve the tension!


Roll out Muscles

Roll out your muscles, release tension and increase flexibility with this post workout stretch with a foam roller. Follow these exercises utilizing the foam roller and you will be amazed by the change in the range of motion of your body. So follow along and you will be amazed!


Post Workout Relieve Stress from Cardio

If you want to relieve stress on your body from your cardio workout such as running; follow along with these stretches. There are great stretches in this video that can help you recover after a run or any other cardio workout. So follow along and recover easily!


Goodbye Stress

Say farewell to the stress in your muscles and your mind with this yoga infused fluid stretch intervals. These stretches are a great way to relieve tension in the body and just feel better.


Feel Good Stretch

Feel good and stretch out the tension from the day with these 9 yoga stretches. These stretches will help you to feel better and relieve any pain in the body. So relax with these exercises and you will feel the difference almost instantly.

With all these post workout stretches; are you ready to feel the difference in muscle recovery and athletic performance? Then stretch it out!

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I wish you would just post actual poses to stretch in instead of videos

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