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When is the Best Time of Day to Work out?

By Lydia

If you are working out on a regular basis, then the first thing to say is congratulations, you are already doing more for your health and fitness than lots of other people across the world! In the fitness community, there is always lots of debate about when is the best time of day to work out. Some people have one opinion, and others believe the exact opposite, so it can be confusing to try to find out what the definitive answer is! Here are some reasons why working out in the evening is probably the best time of the day.

1 No Crowds

Other people can often be a factor in the success of your workout, and going to the gym in the late evening often means that you miss the crowds and are able to spend more leisurely solo time going through your routine. Not as many eyes on you and not as many people waiting to use machines!

2 Frustrations

If you have had a hectic or stressful day at work, then heading for a workout to finish the day is a great way to rid your body and mind of a lot of the frustrations that have built up. It’s always better to go to bed with an empty head and a tired, satisfied body than still carrying all the weight of the day.

3 Better Sleep

Some people make the mistake of thinking that exercising shortly before bedtime will result in you staying awake for longer, but that isn’t the case. Working out actually helps you to drift off more effectively. Think about how tired you are after sex, it’s almost the same kind of thing!

4 Calmer Mornings

Not only will you wake up feeling more refreshed in the mornings, but you will also be generally more calm because you won’t have the nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you need to be working out. The mornings tend to always be the busiest period for people, so working out in the evening eliminates one of those tasks.

5 More Social

When you work out before work in the mornings, you are generally doing it a pace because you have a busy day ahead, but if you work out in the evenings, you have more time to be a bit more social with your fellow gym goers. It is really nice and motivating to have a few friends in the gym who you can talk about life and about your progress with. It helps you to look forward to going!

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