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7 Inspiring Tips to Keep You Motivated when You Feel You're Losing Fitness Momentum ...

By Tara

When I wake up at the crack of dawn, run 10 miles and put my best foot forward, you may wonder what inspires me to get moving (especially at such a fast speed). Well, first off, I have trained countless lives for over a decade and I feel just so happy to do what I do on a daily basis. Secondly, I feel so thankful to be healthy enough to exercise at great intensity and push my body. And I also realize that every step I take keeps me fit and at my goal. If you instill this same approach to your fitness, you will surpass your fitness limits and get in your best shape. To inspire you to reach your fitness dreams, here are some tips I would love to share with you:

1 You Will Never Regret a Workout

After numerous workouts and training sessions, I have never regretted a workout or finished training a client and seen them feel regret. You always feel better after a workout, have more energy and just feel more alive. Your senses will be awakened and you will just appreciate the beauty of the world around you even more!

2 Early Bird Exercisers Get More Accomplished

In the wee hours of the morning, you can accomplish a lot more than simply keeping your body temperature stable as you lie in bed under blankets. Get up and get your workout in bright and early before you have another commitment that gets in the way or you are just not feeling it. You will also have more energy and end up accomplishing even more for the day!

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3 No Food Tastes as Good as Being Healthy

As you eye the fried food in the mall food court and consider falling off of eating healthy, think again! You will always feel regret after you finish eating fried food if you have a goal of becoming healthier. This food will not help to fuel your body for strong workouts and you will sabotage your healthy lifestyle (at least for that day). So save yourself and don’t even do it!

4 Fitness Can Be Fun if You Allow It

Getting in shape does not have to be a daily chore of going to the gym and dreading every fitness moment. Invite a friend for a game of tennis, a social run or even join a Bootcamp with a friend. Fitness can be as fun as you allow it to be, just think outside the box and relish in every fitness moment!

5 Every Step is One Step Closer to Goal

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator (even when you have to get to the 7th floor), parking farther away and using a bike as a means of local transportation can help you to lose weight, better your health and your life. And all these small steps add up to help you to achieve your fitness and health goals. So think small and realize you will get there before you know. Enjoy the process!

6 Be Thankful

I am thankful for every breath that I take, I feel gratitude both during and after every workout. And I never take this for granted. A daily gift is just being able to have the health to exercise so remember this. Be inspired by the sheer ability that you have to exercise and use this as the fuel to get you moving on a daily basis!

7 Live Longer and Be More Beautiful

Be inspired just knowing that if you exercise, you may lengthen your life, you will feel and also look better. So make the choice to be better, get up and get your workout in! Live the life of your dreams by going out and grasping this!

Are you inspired to get your fit on? Remember that every step that you take is one step closer to your goal!

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