Realistic ✌️ Ways to Achieve 🏆 10,000 Steps 👟 Daily 📆 for Girls Improving 👍 Their Fitness 💪 ...

Are you looking for some realistic ways to achieve 10,000 steps daily? It's not exactly the people who do formal exercise the most. It's the people who are simply more active that tend to be the leanest. We've all heard the advice about getting in 10,000 steps a day. Park away the furthest. Take the stairs. However, would you like some REAL advice? Read on for some realistic ways to achieve 10,000 steps daily.

1. Walk at Lunchtime

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Take a moving break during lunch and walk for 15 minutes. It's one of the most realistic ways to achieve 10,000 steps daily.

2. Drink up!

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All those trips to the fridge for water will make a huge difference in your step total.

3. Pace when Cooking

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Walk back and forth while you wait for your meal. Easy, right?

4. Stay up for a While

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Don't go to bed unless you have met your goal.

5. March in Place

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You can do this just about anywhere.

6. Clean up

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Walk around your house and put away items needing to be picked up, one thing at a time.

7. Make the Most of TV Time

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If you watch television, pace the living room during commercials.

8. Dance

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Put on fun music and dance while you clean.

9. Use Youtube

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Check out free walking exercise videos on YouTube, such as Leslie Sanson's Walk Away The Pounds.

10. Let Others Know

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Publicize your goal and eliminate excuses.

11. Set an Alarm

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Set a reminder alarm and move for a few minutes each time it goes off.

12. Walk the Store

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Before you go to the check-out line at the grocery store, walk the aisles one more time.

Break your day and night into manageable chunks and the small bits WILL make a HUGE difference, no matter what your fitness level. These tips will help you hit that daily number of 10,000 steps in no time!


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