Full Body Exercises You Can do with a Bosu Ball ...


Full Body Exercises You Can do with a Bosu Ball ...
Full Body Exercises You Can do with a Bosu Ball ...

The bosu ball is one of the best inexpensive exercise equipment that can work your total body while strengthening your core. The key component that makes this product unique is that it is all about stabilizing your core through balance. As a trainer for over a decade, this is a timeless product that I will be integrating in workouts for both myself and clients for years to come. If you are not sure what to do with this half-moon fitness product, read the full body exercises that you can do. And be amazed in how great to look and feel after the workouts!

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To kick up your workouts a notch and focus on upper body and core; perform bosu pushups. Bosu pushups are an effective way to challenge those that are strong at pushups. Just turn your bosu upside down, hold onto the handles and guide your chest down to touch the ball and repeat for several sets.



Burpees are the most effective calorie burning exercise you can do in a short clip. Bump it up to a higher intensity by performing this exercise with a bosu ball; as you go down for the pushup, simply perform on a bosu. This is a great way to challenge yourself and feel the burn!



Squats are an exercise that has been performed for hundreds of years. Once an exercise performed by farmers as they weeded and tended to crops. Now performed by anyone in the fitness world. Why? Because it works. Push yourself even more by performing a squat on the bosu ball. The challenge in performing this will be to balance your body and you lower down to the ground. You will really feel the burn!


One Leg Squats

Stand on your bosu ball and lift up one leg straight in front of you and now lower down into a squat. This is a great way to isolate the leg muscles individually and really feel the burn. By performing this exercise on the bosu you will also challenge your core and you can feel this as you attempt to better your balance!


Jump on and off

Jump on and off the bosu to work your legs and total body. This exercise will help you to challenge yourself and pus to the next level. Have fun and jump on like a child. Who knew child’s play could be so fun? And the best part is that you will get a really great workout!



Something as simple as lifting free weights while standing on the bosu ball can bring your workout to the next level. You will feel challenged to keep your balance and really feel it in your core. So whittle your middle and work your arms with some free weights and the bosu!



The plank is the number one most effective exercise for working the core circumference. But if you are an ace at this exercise why not push yourself to a new challenge. Perform the plank on the bosu ball to work your core even more and begin a whole new challenge. Life is what you make of it so challenge yourself to more!

With all these effective ways to work out on the bosu, it just may be time to invest in one. I promise you will not regret it as I have used this equipment for years and still love it today as much as the first day I used it! Now go out and achieve the results you deserve!

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