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Do you want to know the ways to find passion for fitness? You know, the feeling where you wake up and cannot wait to get out the door to work out. Or the midday itch to get a walk in on your lunch break. Basically, the feeling that you live to exercise, rather than exercise to live. If you are feeling the urge to exercise, this passion is within you. And if you are lacking this desire to exercise, have no fears because I can help you find this. As a personal trainer, I have helped thousands of lives and I am looking forward to helping you find love and passion for fitness too! Just read these tips:

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Try Different Workouts

If you are finding that every time you begin a traditional workout like running, you lack enthusiasm, you may just need to switch it up and break tradition. Go indoor mountain climbing, hiking, biking, swimming and dancing to see what sparks your passion for fitness. If you diversify your exercise, I guarantee you are going to find what works best for you!


Find the Workout You Enjoy

So you discovered you are like a fish in the water and swimming is your sport. Now, how can you make this part of your workout? Begin by swimming laps several days a week, altering swim strokes and tracking the time you are in the water. Your ultimate goal should be exercising for five days a week for 45 minutes to an hour. This schedule will help you to reach your fitness and health goals.


Add Some Tunes

Download your favorite music to your phone or iPod to inspire you to work out longer and stronger. If you find that music helps you move, you need to download your songs pronto so you can get moving and find passion and love for fitness. How can you not love working out to your favorite music as you sculpt and tone your body?


Jazz up Your Apparel

Tired of going to the gym in the same gray pants and tank? Switch up your gear and find fitness wear that shows your personality. There is an endless array of workout attire that you can even accessorize with. So pick up a sparkly hair band to hold your hair back, fitted shorts and whatever else you shows your personality. Studies show that wearing new workout wear will help motivate you to get moving!


Get Techy

With the countless techy products like a Garmin GPS, you can now wear a watch that will track your distance, pace and calories burned while you run or bike. Tech gear can help motivate you to go a further distance when you work out. And the instant feedback of the watch will have you excited for your next workout!


Analyze Your Goals

Get in touch with what your goals are and if you are looking to lose weight, start making healthier food choices and get excited over your exercise. Write out a food and exercise schedule to help you to achieve your goal. And if you diversify your workouts, add some tunes and get in the zone, you will find love and passion in your workouts!


Have Fun

If you get in a happier place and try to have fun in your workouts, you may be surprised at the outcome. You will begin to have more fun and working out will no longer feel like it is as much work. You will feel de-stressed after your workouts and life will just seem better. So put on a smile and work out your stress, energy and give it all you got!

So are you ready to find your inner fitness passion? Then get moving to find the right fitness workout for you!

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