7 Fun Water Workouts That'll Help You Slim down Too ...


Life is all about new adventures and this includes switching up your current workouts to try something new. So why not get off the land and into the pool to cool down and get your workout in. Water workouts are super effective and allow to save your body from the excess pounding on the ground. So slip into your swimwear, check out these videos and pick one to challenge yourself with today! Are you ready to get in shape in the water? Perfect, then let’s go!

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Work Your Core

Beat the heat and get in your best shape while you slim down in the pool with these super effective workouts. Combine these core workouts with healthy eating and you will be sure to achieve incredible results. I love water workouts because this is a great way to break out of your current fitness routine while still getting a really great workout!


Water Aerobics

Get in shape after you get your swim in the great outdoors with aquatic aerobics. Follow these cardio workouts with this super instructor. Her energy alone will motivate you to pick up the pace while running and give it all you have got!


Water Plyos

Want to try another fun and effective way to slim down and get in your best shape? Then try water plyometric exercises. This is basically jumping exercises that target your total body which on land can be a recipe for injury for some people, since this is excess pounding. But when performed in the water you can soften the fall and save your joints.


Deep Water Cardio

So what happens when you try something new? Well you could end up enjoying it, getting in better shape and finding your inner fit. So take a chance on your fitness workouts and try something new, like this great workout! The choreography in this video allows ease in following along to get a super effective and fun deep water workout!


Kick Board Fitness Fun

Tired of doing the same laps in the pool to get your workout in? Then grab a kickboard and utilize this as a tool for an effective workout. Tighten your core and get ready to work your body even more. Follow allow to Jackie’s tips to help you make the most out of your aquatic workout!


Aqua Bootcamp

Who knew working out in the water could be so challenging? Well you do now if you demonstrated the exercises in this Water workout Bootcamp. Get in the low end of the water and put some power into your jumps, abductions and abductions. If you put purpose into every exercise move you will make the most out of your workout. Are you ready for the aqua Bootcamp challenge? Then follow along to find your inner fit!


Noodle Fitness Fun

Switch up your current fitness tools and grab a noodle for your next workout challenge. Follow along with the workouts in this video for a great total body workout that will challenge you and help you get in your best shape!

Now that you have great water workouts to add to your current routine, are you ready to get in your best shape while staying cool? Then get in the water and move that beautiful body of yours!

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