10 Ways to Get Fit This Summer ...


10 Ways to Get Fit This Summer ...
10 Ways to Get Fit This Summer ...

Being fit is all about finding new ways to get fit to keep from getting bored. This keeps your routine consistent and challenging. I also think it is fun to try new things to remain active. This summer, how about trying some new ways to get fit instead of your usual go-to routine? Summer is a great time to embrace being active. It also doesn’t hurt your swimsuit figure either! Try out these ways to get fit and let me know what your favorites are in the comment section below!

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Volleyball I played volleyball in high school and it is still one of my favorite ways to get fit fast. I was terrible at sports as a girl. In fact, I pretty much stunk at all of them. For some reason, I loved playing volleyball despite my lack of skills. Even though I was bad, I didn’t care because I was enjoying myself. Over time, I actually became decent enough to start on my high school team and still love the sport to this day. All you need to get started is a volleyball and a net, or you can tie a rope between two trees and place it 10 feet above the ground for your own homemade net. If you’re playing alone, use the side of your house to bump, set and spike your way to getting fit. Volleyball is a great cardiovascular sport, but it is also great for toning your bum, thighs and calves due to all the squatting. The twisty turns you’ll need to bump and set the volleyball also tone your abs and arms. I’m all for that, what about you girls?



Swimming This is an obvious way to get fit this summer, but it definitely deserves a spot on the list all the same. Swimming is a great way to tone your entire body, and it also relieves stress. Hit your pool and start out with a couple laps a day and work up to as many as you can. If you’re lucky enough to live by the water, trying spending more time in the water practicing your stroke. You’ll be fit all over and suffer less pain than exercisers who pound the concrete. Swimming is excellent for your joints so you don’t get those nasty hamstring cramps!


Water Skiing

Water Skiing If you’re one of those fabulous lucky ladies who lives on the lake, try water skiing this summer! It is a great way to get in shape and tone your whole body. It is also challenging and fun. Even if you fall, you can laugh your way into getting fit and being in great shape. Just be sure to be safe while you’re at it!



Gardening I’m not a gardener myself, but my Mom is avid one and she is in fantastic shape. Gardening can burn tons of calories, and I don’t just mean planting veggies and flowers. You can work out in your yard by mowing the grass, trimming the trees, pulling weeds, or if you happen to have a green thumb, try your hand at starting a small veggie garden. Pruning plants and shrubs involves a good bit of squatting and using core strength, along with your body burning more calories than sitting or standing alone. Being outside isn’t only a great calorie burner, but it is also great for your immune system and prevents depression due to all that Vitamin D from the sun.



Biking When I was a girl, if I wasn’t inside, I was always outside riding my bike. Now, granted, it took me until I was seven years old to learn, but once I learned how to ride, I never wanted to get off. I hate that I don’t live in an area where riding bikes is convenient because biking is a great way to get in a workout! If you have a bike and live in a place where you can bike, definitely give this great exercise option a go! Your body will be toned all over, and you’ll also get a nice change of pace from your regular afternoon runs! You can also grab your friends and make it a group activity.



Hiking I totally wish I lived in the mountains so I could go hiking. Hiking is such a fantastic workout. I love to walk for exercise and can go for at least an hour before I want to stop, but hiking takes things to a whole new level. Talk about a real booty toner and thigh trimmer! Hiking is a great way to sort out things in your head and is such a great way to get in touch with nature. It can really be so relaxing and therapeutic. If you want to grab your friends along, hiking makes for a great group activity too. Just be sure to carry a water bottle; you’ll need it!


Rollerblading & Rollerskating

Rollerblading & Rollerskating Rollerblading has been a great form of exercising for years, and you don’t just have to live on the beach to enjoy it! Grab a pair of rollerblades and teach yourself if you don’t know how. Rollerblading isn’t only fun, but it's also so great for your legs, butt, abs and your brain! This form of cardio is gentle on your joints and also fun, making it seem more of an activity than an exercise.


Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise Yoga Okay, now this activity is one you may not have thought or heard of, but it will soon be a favorite if you’re up to this new challenging way to enjoy yoga. Get up a few minutes before sunrise, throw on your yoga clothes, grab your yoga mat and go out in your yard. Either carry out your smartphone or your laptop and catch a great yoga video on YouTube where they are free. Do any routine, whether it be a beginner routine or a more advanced one, and do your yoga by sunrise. This is such an energizing way to exercise and I absolutely love being outside when it is cool in the summer mornings, hearing the birds chirp, and being able to work out outdoors. I highly recommend this form of exercise above doing yoga indoors. Your brain and body will reach a state of total bliss!


Beach Frisbee

Beach Frisbee Frisbee is such a fun activity, and though it isn’t a huge calorie burner, you are on your feet the entire time, making it excellent for staying active. Get competitive with friends instead of leisurely tossing a Frisbee and make it an ongoing game by setting up boundaries, or using multiple Frisbees among players. It makes for a great group activity too, so it is easy to get people in on the action with you.


Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics If you’re a fan of aerobic activity, you should give water aerobics a try this summer. Water aerobics are easier on your joints and burn major calories since your body has to be more resistant to the water’s pull. In the shallow end of a pool, practice lunges, squats and even handstands. Supplement with swimming and arm exercises for 30-45 minutes a day and you’ll be in great shape in no time!

Summer is a great time to get outside and get moving! Save your indoor workouts for rainy days and try something new outside when you can. Find a time of day that works with your schedule and try to pick a time where you’re not in dangerous temperatures. Remember, always wear SPF so you don’t burn, and bring plenty of water! What do you like doing outdoors for exercise in the summer?

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Love walking my dogs and swimming is an all time favorite!�

I've just put my skateboard back together after a couple years of hanging out in the storage room. That's gonna be my summer transportation/exercise!

I think this is gonna help me very much. I especially like the yoga one. Deffs gonna try that one! :)

Awesome article I feel so inspired now! Buying my bike this week

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