3 Ways a Personal Trainer Can Improve Your Fitness Journey ...


3 Ways a Personal Trainer Can Improve Your Fitness Journey ...
3 Ways a Personal Trainer Can Improve Your Fitness Journey ...

Want to know how a personal trainer improves your fitness journey? Recent studies state it takes 21 days to form a habit, so roughly one month to become accustomed to a workout program. This is the main reason why HIIT (high intensity interval training) has soared to the top of the fitness market for circuit workouts and cardio. However, everyone’s body truly IS different, and a general market workout plan might not be for you. Ever have a friend who looks smashing, yet only weight trains two or three times a week? Yet, you weight train the same and notice zero change?

Everyone hits a plateau in their fitness journeys, causing frustration and giving up. If your actions are producing fewer results, then a personal trainer might be the perfect solution for you! Here's how a personal trainer improves your fitness journey.

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They Point out Incorrect Form

One of the best answers for how a personal trainer improves your fitness journey is that they can help you with your form. Between gym fees, workout programs, equipment, and of course the most fashionable gym clothes, you may feel hesitant allocating leftover money on a personal trainer. Contrary to their market strategy, the Instagram workout you purchased will NOT provide everything you need. Even with a substantial background in fitness and an acute sense of body placement, no one is an expert when trying something new. When you are focused on performing a new workout, you can unwittingly forget to engage certain muscles. A personal trainer can make sure you maintain correct alignment, muscle engagement, stance, etc thus avoiding injury. An outside eye is key because gym mirrors do not provide a 360 view.


They Asses Your Body from a Non-biased Perspective

The media negatively affects self-perception. While “body positive” is a trending hashtag, many people still find things wrong with themselves. This can lead to overworking parts of your body perceived as unattractive, and ignoring vital muscle groups. A personal trainer accurately assesses your body type from an educated, outside perspective. They are neither in your skin nor walking around with your insecurities. They will tell you exactly which muscle groups need work, leading to increased overall fitness and confidence. Now that’s a win!


They Can Break Your Plateau

As stated, it takes roughly one month for your body to become accustomed to your workout. Your personal trainer will bring a plethora of new exercises for you to try that will stimulate your muscles simply because they are new thus breaking your plateau and catapulting your fitness goals toward success!

If you’re serious about shedding those extra pounds, a personal trainer is your solution!

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