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5 Unexpected Ways to Get Fit by Spring Break ...

By Neeta

Looking for some answers for how to get toned by Spring Break? We’ve all tried losing weight, but somehow never see results and end up back at square one within days. Sometimes all it takes is a few new tips to get toned before you’re sitting poolside on that spring break trip you’ve been planning for months. Last year, I used these tricks before going on break and they actually worked! Stick to them and I know they’ll work for you too. Here's how to get toned by Spring Break.

1 Eat More Eggs

Eggs are known as a weight loss superfood and are one of the best tips for how to get toned by Spring Break. The high protein (but extremely low calorie) content of egg whites will keep you full for hours. The protein found in eggs can boost metabolism by about 100 calories per day. Start your day with three egg whites over one slice of whole wheat toast and you won't feel a need to snack on junk food throughout the day.

2 Drink More Green Tea

The caffeine in green tea increases the burning of fat by producing heat, while the catechins oxidize fat. Furthermore, drinking tea before exercising can increase your endurance when working out, and even cause a higher rate of burning fat in the production of energy.

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3 Cardio

You cannot get toned until you shed fat. No matter how much weight lifting you do, your body will not look toned until you do cardio. There are 3,500 calories in one pound, so try to run/dance/elliptical ect., to lose about 250 calories, four times a week. You will find that cardio, combined with a stable diet will give you results in no time without compromising your quality of daily living.

4 Practice Deep Breathing

Our body needs oxygen in order to survive and burn the calories we have consumed. Without steady breaths, this is impossible. Take five deep breaths before eating a meal and you will notice that you are more satisfied (causing you to eat less), while also increasing your ability to burn fat.

5 Strength Training

In order to lose pure fat rather than fat and muscle, you need to pair cardio with strength training. Try to lift weights three times a week, and you’ll burn an extra 100 calories a day even after you are done exercising.

For the best results, start early! You will see more improvements if you give your body enough time to heal and get used to these new changes. Just stay motivated and remember, your body will thank you later!

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