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Video Guide of Flat Belly Exercises Can do While Sitting ...

By Leiann

Plenty of people can benefit from exercises for a flat belly you can do in a chair. Many women are required to be at a desk every day or night. The time they do have free is usually required for children, husbands, cooking, chores etc., making exercise kind-of impossible.

I found this video on YouTube that makes so much sense. Take a peek at these exercises for a flat belly you can do in a chair, then we'll talk.

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Published on September 29, 2017

How was it? Good, huh? Nothing too extreme.

First off, do you wear flats or heels? If you wear heels, make sure you keep a pair of gym shoes or flats under your desk.

Do you wear pants, skirts or dresses? Do you have a chair with rollers? Do you have arm rests? Let me explain:

1 Knee to Chair Lift

You can do in heels, but not in a skirt or dress.

2 Double Knee Lift

You need a sturdy desk with arm rests.

3 Double Knee Lift with Side Bends

You need arm rests. You might not be able to do in a tight skirt or dress.

4 Bending

You cannot do in a skirt or dress.

5 Body Lift above the Chair

You need strong enough arm rests to hold your total bodyweight and no heels.

6 Knee to Elbow Lift

No dresses or skirts.

Then for the bonus:

Oblique muscles strenghtening.
No wheels. No heels.

Maybe do some. Maybe do them all. Do what you can manage. I read a few years ago that the average size of a woman in the United States is a size 14 and climbing. You owe it to yourself to do this. We are an obese nation.

Bellly fat is the most dangerous fat.

Are you convinced, yet? I am.

Maybe you will convince others to do the same.

Either way, just think of how good you'll feel!

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