Video Guide on How to Make Exercise More Fun ...


Video Guide on How to Make Exercise More Fun  ...
Video Guide on How to Make Exercise More Fun  ...

Are you in an exercise funk?

I think we all get in one every once-in-a-while. In this YouTube video, a little lady gives a little wake-up call as a reminder and a good kick in the butt!

Meredith Grace
Published on May 19, 2015

Are you like exercise loner? I would definitely benefit with her first tip.

As for her second tip, I tend to exercise in silence and glance at my timer non-stop! So, another benefit!

Third tip? Grab yourself a few sales items! Don't wait! I have a pair of ponte pants that I love to wear. In the catalog, the ponte pants cost $16.99. Before ordering, I checked the ponte pants are $26.99! So, if the sales amount is good...don't wait! You deserve it!

Following, the fourth tip is so cheap and so essential for anyone. We have to be hydrated!

Finally, Meredith Grace says to do this tip often, but I think sparingly, have lunch out with the friends, a bowl of ice cream, etc., not always necessarily good for you.

She certainly has her act together! She is a super example of a good girl we should all learn something from... What was the one tip you had forgotten all about?

Thank you for watching!

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