5 Fab Fitness Trackers to Keep You Motivated ...

Everywhere you look, people are wearing fitness trackers to monitor everything from how much they sleep to how many steps they take in a day – but they can also be used to track actual fitness, which is, contrary to popular use, what they’re designed for. I use one to motivate me on my morning run, and I love it! If you’re serious (or semi-serious) about your fitness regimen, why not give a fitness tracker a go? Here are a few fitness trackers you might like, too.

1. Life Tracker 1

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What makes the Life Tracker 1 so special? Like other fitness trackers, it counts your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and even the quality of your sleep. Unlike other devices, this one’s completely budget-friendly, retailing for just $12. You read that right: twelve dollars.

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