How to Get the Lean Thigh Gap You've Always Wanted ...


There is this certain craze about thigh gaps that makes young girls go to crazy lengths to achieve slim legs, but there are much healthier ways to tone the inner thighs, such as healthy cardio routines and exercises for a thigh gap. While I don’t understand this mania, I still prefer that people at least do this the right way without risking their health. So if you are striving to achieve slim legs here are exercises for a thigh gap for best results!

1. Deep Squat

Squats are perfect exercises for a thigh gap, which target numerous parts of the body including the inner thighs. You can begin by spreading your legs shoulder width apart with your feet flat on the ground and your toes pointed slightly outward. Squat slowly down with your butt out and hold the position for a few seconds before coming back up to the starting position.

Slide Side Lunge
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