7 Days πŸ“†, 7 Yoga Tutorials 🎞 to Get You Started on Your Fitness πŸ‹οΈ Journey πŸ—Ί ...

Yoga is great for so many reasons. It helps tone muscles, it relieves stress and it can help you moderate your breathing and live a fuller life. If you’re someone who loves yoga, but likes to switch things up every day, you can do so many different yoga routines to keep things fresh and new. Here are more than a week’s worth to get you started. Get ready to feel great every day of the week from now on.

1. One Hour Heavenly Flow for Sunday

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If you have an hour on the weekend, this is the perfect yoga sequence for you. It might seem long, but the time will go by so quickly because you’ll be totally enjoying every minute of your routine. There are plenty of poses to open you up and get your body moving. You’ll feel so great after you finish this one!

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