3 Best Gym Exercises for Weight Loss if You Are Bored with Your Current Routine ...

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3 Best Gym Exercises for Weight Loss if You Are Bored with Your Current Routine ...
3 Best Gym Exercises for Weight Loss if You Are Bored with Your Current Routine ...

You will not get bored again with these amazing gym exercises for weight loss!

There's always something new for those looking to upgrade their workout and increase their fitness level.

And these gym exercises for weight loss will do just that - you'll especially love the good results that will come along!

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Do Tabata for Max Fat Burn

Starting from saving time to burn fat, this high-intensity type of exercise is considered to be one of the best ways to gain results fast. This can be done during both the warm-up and the cool down.

These workouts usually take approximately 4 minutes including the rest period counts. Aside from these exercises, be reminded also to do mobility exercises to stretch out, warm up the body, and then cool down. Just do the 20-second resistance exercises including kettlebell swings, squats, or medicine ball slams with a 10-second rest in-between.

Repeat the entire process for about 8 minutes.


Do Circuit Training on Your Own

If you still have extra time, just use the available fancy equipment offered at the gym. Gyms usually provide sandbags, TRX, and kettlebell equipment for their customers.

Surely, you’ll enjoy using them and your body will benefit also. Be reminded however, to maintain the short resting period and higher intensity periods to burn the most fat.


Try Spicing up Your Cardio

If you prefer to use the cardio machines but don’t exactly consider the spin class something you fancy, why not mix it up with different machines for just one session to prevent boredom?

Consider doing 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes biking, and 15 minutes on the rowing machine.

Doing these exercises allows you to gain a few more resistance exercises between every transition and you're able to spice up your workout. The interval training will probably become your favorite choice because you can always mix it up.

However, beginners should always start on a steady and slower speed to prevent injury.

What are your go-to weight loss exercises at the gym? Tell us in the comments!

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