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Bask in the Sun While Performing These 7 Intense Ab Workouts ...

By Tara

If you want to sculpt your abs without having to leave the beach, I have a few great workouts for you. You can actually do these workouts in the beach in your bikini. So get a tan, relax a bit and then perform some intense ab workouts. If you are ready to begin working to get the 6 pack you always dreamed of, then let’s get to it!

1 15 Minutes Abs While You Bask in the Sun

Work your abs until muscle failure to tone your abdominal muscles, strengthen and push your core to a whole new level. Make sure you tighten the muscles you work as you work them to get even more out of each exercise. And be inspired by this focused bikini model as she guides you to achieve your perfect physique!

2 Want Bikini Abs by Summer

If you want bikini abs for summer you have to put in the time and work for it. Follow the workouts in this video. Some are ultra-intense so do what you can. Just make sure to engage your abdominal muscles and get pumped because with hard work you will see ab definition in a matter of weeks!

3 Toned Abs in 10

In just 10 minutes you can get focused and get fit abs by following along to this video. This girl in this video is great about explaining the workouts and as a trainer I must say they are all spot on. These workouts will help you to tone your upper, lower and side abdominal regions. So get focused and ready to achieve super ab results!

4 Get Beach Ready Abs for Summer

If you want to get slim and in shape for summer follow along with these great workouts. This trio of instructors have the right energy to motivate you to stick to it. So follow along, get focused and ready to achieve ab-mazing results.

5 Get Sensational in 17 Minutes

With leg raises, crunches and a host of other abdominal exercises in this video, in just 17 minutes you can begin to feel the burn. But don’t stop make sure to eat healthy, bump up the amount of time you do cardio and stay away from the processed food. If you follow these simple and effective steps you will begin to see absolutely amazing results in your midsection and you will wear your bikini with confidence!

6 Want That Perfect Beach Body

If you want that perfect beach body, follow along with beachbody. Beachbody workout here is led by Tony Horton and in just 20 moves in 10 minutes you will be amazed. A lot of these exercises break away from your traditional workouts and help you to avoid doing the same abdominal workout each day. So push yourself for 10 minutes and you will see super results!

7 Work Your Abs and Total Body

In just under 30 minutes you can work your total body, particularly your abs. This workout begins with some great ab exercises that will target both your upper and lower abs. So engage your abs and get focused so that you will achieve amazing abs for summer. You get out what you put in so give it all you got!

With all these super ab exercises, you are sure to be slim and sculpted by summer. Just make sure to eat healthy and avoid unhealthy foods! Are you ready to achieve amazing abs? Then get focused!

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