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7 Ballet Steps You Can do for Toned Muscles ...

By Chelsie

As a former ballet dancer, I know many ballet steps for toned muscles. While most people think of ballet as a pretty art form, it actually requires a great deal of strength. In fact, you might be surprised how much strength is actually required to perform a fairly simple step. Because you do need so much strength to do ballet, there are many ballet steps for toned muscles that you can put into your workout routine.

1 Plié

Pliés are one of the many ballet steps for toned muscles that you can do just about anywhere. All you need is a counter or a chair to hold onto. To do a plié in first position, put your heels together and turn your feet out. Then bend your knees, making sure your knees don’t roll forward and your butt doesn’t stick out. By doing pliés you will tone your inner thighs and butt, which are often difficult areas to tone.

2 Tendu

Performing tendus is another ballet step that will help you tone your inner thighs. They will also strengthen your abdominal muscles and feet! To perform a tendu from first position, stand in the same position you were in for pliés and brush your leg out to the side. Then, bring your leg back in. You want to keep your feet on the floor and come to the same position that is pictured.


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3 À La Seconde

À la seconde is one of the easiest ballet steps you can do to strengthen your arms. It doesn’t even require any movement. Simply stand with your arms held out to the side and round your elbow slightly so your palms face in. Then hold this position until your arms get tired. You will find doing this strengthens your shoulders and back as well.

4 Sauté

If you like to jump, you will enjoy doing sautés. Sautés are basic jumps done in ballet, and they can be done in any of the ballet positions. However, you can get all of the benefit by doing them in first position, which you already know. All you have to do is bend your knees and jump, making sure your feet are pointed in the air. Sautés will strengthen your core muscles, your legs, and your feet.

5 Relevé

Relevé is a great step in ballet for toning your inner thighs, butt, and strengthening your calves. To do a relevé, stand in first position and press up onto the balls of your feet. Then, lower back down. By repeating this step 20 to 30 times in a row you will feel your muscles burn!

6 Fondu

A fondu is basically a relevé that starts with a plié and is done on one leg. Because it is done on one leg, a fondu is much more difficult than a relevé, but it also strengthens the muscles more. To get the most benefit of this step, repeat it until your leg becomes tired, then switch to the next leg.

7 Port De Bras Forward

Port de bras forward is a step that will strengthen your core muscles. All you have to do is hold onto a counter or chair while standing in first position. Then, bend forward from the waist with a straight back and go down as far as you can. When you come back up, keep your back straight as well. You should feel your core muscles working.

All of these ballet steps can be done just about anywhere, and they will all tone and strengthen your muscles. Doing these steps often will help you achieve the toned muscles you desire, and they will give you something different to do besides go to the gym. Have you ever considered doing ballet to get in better shape?

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