7 Yoga Poses to Boost Your Metabolism ...


Most people think of yoga as a stress reliever, but did you know that there are certain yoga poses to boost your metabolism too?

That's right: there are certain yoga poses that are great for increasing your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day.

Along with its relaxation and mood calming benefits, yoga can be a great weight loss tool as well.

Try any of these 7 yoga poses to boost your metabolism today!

1. Forward Fold

Forward Fold

All yoga poses to boost your metabolism have a few things in common and one of those certainly occurs in forward fold: anytime your heart is lifted or lowered above or beneath your head, your thyroid gland is stimulated.

Your thyroid gland is actually the gland located in your throat that regulates your hormones.

Since your head drops beneath your heart in forward fold, your metabolism is stimulated and starts burning like a well oiled machine!

2. Shoulder Stand

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder stand provides a great stretch for your upper neck and back.

In shoulder stand you also have to use your core muscles to hold your ankles directly over your shoulders.

While it might be difficult to get into this pose as a beginner, by slowly working into this inversion, you will be doing wonders for your metabolism!

3. Plow Pose

Plow Pose

Similar to shoulder stand, plow is an awesome inversion for boosting your metabolism.

Since your heart is lifted above your head and your feet are dropping on the floor behind you, core and muscular strength are required for holding this pose.

This is a great pose for improving circulation and for thyroid stimulation.

4. Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is my favorite pose for a full body inversion.

With your hips pushed toward the sky, your chest and shoulders slowly open up.

Again, since your heart is lifted above your head, your thyroid is being stimulated, waking up your metabolism.

This is my favorite pose to work on muscular strength in my lower back.

Love handles, no more!

Bow Pose
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