7 Home Gym Equipment Must-Haves for an Effective Workout ...


Home gyms are ever increasing in popularity and to get a working home gym, there are a few home gym equipment must-haves.

Whether you have a gym membership or not, there are some days where the time or ability to make it out of your house is just not there.

Sure, we could sit on the couch watching past seasons of Gossip Girl while eating a tub of frozen yogurt, or, we can use the no-gym times to home gym!

Depending on the workout, your home gym can be just as effective as the one you prefer to visit.

These simple home gym equipment must-haves are small enough to fit in your closet, but man, will they pack a punch!

1. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

The best part of the yoga mat is that most people have this piece of home gym equipment already!

Even if the idea of doing yoga makes your skin crawl, a yoga mat is a necessity for any fitness buff.

No one likes the idea of rolling around on a dirty floor, or getting their sweaty bodies all over that newly cleaned carpet.

A yoga mat will be a nice buffer between your body and your floor.

It is also a great cushion for all of our bonier bits- because explaining bruised knees is never fun.

2. Small Weights

Small Weights

When I say small weights, I mean s-m-a-l-l weights.

Having two sets of weights that range between 2-5 pounds is the perfect amount for any woman.

Fitness guru and trainer to Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracy Anderson, says that more than this and the workout will change from toning and elongating to building and bulking.

Plus, who wants to store a range of weights from 2-50 pounds?2

No, thank you.

3. Videos


The simple fact is that 99% of us cannot work out alone.

We need some sort of support and instruction in order to truly get an effective workout.

There are, literally, thousands of workout videos available to all of us depending on our fitness interest.

If you are already in ok shape but want to really kick it up in the new year, I would recommend P90X or Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis.

Those who enjoy less cardio and more toning may want to look into Mary Helen Bower's Ballet Beautiful series or her online class memberships.

YouTube also has some incredible (and free) fitness options for any fitness level and interest.

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