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If nature is your gym each day, then be sure you keep these tips for outdoor workouts in mind. Working out in nature is actually one of the best things you can do for your whole body, and your immune system. It’s also proven to help fight stress, depression, and overeating. Yet, there are a few things to keep in mind to not only make it safe, but also enjoyable. Keep these tips for outdoor workouts in mind so you can get the most benefits as possible out of your workouts!

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One of the most important tips for outdoor workouts is never to leave home without a water bottle! Please, do not try to workout without hydration. In high heat, it can be dangerous, but even in cold weather, it can cause dehydration. You don’t have to chug water the whole time, but do be sure to carry some with you and have a couple of sips every 20 minutes. This will prevent dehydration and can ward off fatigue.


Know the Area

I think it’s awesome if you want to use your outdoor workouts to go exploring, but be sure you know where you’re headed! Working out in nature is a fantastic way to keep the scenery interesting, but do be sure you stay aware of what kind of area you’re in to prevent dangerous situations. You should also be careful not to venture off to unknown areas unless you know your way back.


Consider a GPS Watch

Another fantastic tip for working out outdoors is to wear a GPS enabled watch. One that I personally love is made from the same company that produces the app, Runtastic. I have one of these watches, and let me tell you, it’s amazing! You can download the free Runtastic app on your iPhone, and the watch automatically works with your phone and acts alone as its own GPS. It also serves as a pedometer, and all you have to do is plug it into your computer to register it, and you’re good to go! You can learn more here: runtastic.com.


Weather Smarts

Don’t go out for your workout without checking the weather first ladies! Knowing the weather forecast can help you avoid everything from dangerous heat to an inconvenient thunderstorm. Knowing the weather forecast is also smart so you know how to dress. You definitely don’t want to dress poorly for an outdoor workout. It makes things miserable!



Speaking of dressing for your workout, be sure you stay smart with layers. Layer your tee shirts with a tank, and if it’s cold, layer a sweatshirt, scarf and perhaps a coat over that. You can always take off a layer if you need to, and just pick it back up where you left it when you finish working out. It’s smart to dress in layers since as your body accelerates speed, you’ll get hotter, and might want to remove a layer to prevent overheating.


Let Someone Know

If you live alone, at least text a friend and tell them you’re going for a run, walk ,etc. I know this sounds silly, but it mainly applies if you live in a city, dangerous area, or might be exercising at a time that is unsafe like late at night or dawn, when it can still be dark in some areas. Or, perhaps let someone know your regular workout routine, and what time it is daily, if you go at the same time. This way, should something ever happen, heaven forbid, your friend would know that you always workout during that certain time. If you live with your family, do the same thing.


Fuel up Smart

Before you work out outside, be sure you’re smart about how you fuel up. Don’t go to your workout without properly fueling first. You should be eating something with a few carbs and a little protein for optimal energy and stamina. This might include a nonfat Greek yogurt, a piece of fruit with a couple nuts or seeds, or a small bowl of oats with some berries and flax seed. Fueling up before your workout will prevent you from passing out, ensure you get the best workout possible, and keep your metabolism running high.

Working out outdoors is a really beneficial experience I’d suggest anyone try. It also sets you in the mood to work out more regularly when that treadmill gets boring. Just be sure to keep these tips in mind so you have the safest outdoor workout possible. Do you work out outside? If so, what’s your best tip?

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