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Kettlebells are great for increasing your calories and fat burned during a workout and these kettlebell workout moves are some of my favorites. All kettlebell workout moves increase your fat loss by using both toning and cardio at the same time. When using a kettlebell, you are getting a massive workout that can double the calorie burn compared to certain traditional workouts, give you a great core, and increase fat loss. It is best to start with a kettlebell between 8-10 pounds, then increase the weight as your abilities and technique improves.

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The Kettlebell Swing

This is my all time favorite of the kettlebell workout moves. The kettlebell swing is ridiculously easy to master, but will work your core and bum like nothing else. This move works the central abdominal muscles along with those tiny muscles in our bums that help them defy gravity. These tiny bum muscles are also the ones that keep our upper thighs looking slim. Are you beginning to see why this is the best kettlebell move ever?


The Turkish Getup

To be truthful, I am not sure which I like more, the name or the move itself. Although the name is quite fun to say, the move is a bit more difficult. The Turkish getup is one of those moves that you love to hate and hate to love. Like burpees, this one will leave you panting and begging for a break, but it will also work every muscle in your body and torch some major calories in the process.


Push-up with Row

This one takes the usual push-up and (almost literally) turns it on its head. Push-ups with rows will massively work the arms and back with two simple moves. Because this is requiring a greater amount of balance and upper body strength, it is considered a more advanced move.


Lumberjack Lunges

I change my mind, this is my new all-time favorite. Lumberjack lunges, also know as lumberjack swings, will work your back, arms, legs, core, and bum. This one has it all and can be done with a regular five pound weight in a pinch. Just be sure to get the move down right, lower back pain should not be part of the post-workout soreness.


To do a Lumberjack Lunge, begin by standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a kettlebell or weight at chest height. Step forward with one leg into a lunge, keeping your knee above your ankle, and simultaneously swing the weight diagonally across your body as though you were chopping wood. Engage that core to maintain balance and protect your spine. As you push back to a standing position, return the weight to chest height. Alternate legs and repeat. Remember, the key is smooth controlled movements – no jerky chops! You'll be feeling like a bonafide lumberjack in no time, minus the tree-felling and beard.


The Dead Leg Lift

You know that area just above your hips where it seems half of what we eat gets stored? Well, that is the place that this move works. To get rid of that area we have lovingly named the muffin top, complete at least ten of these per side. Your upper bum, back, arms, and legs are sure to get a workout from this.


Side Plank Rows

If you are looking to tone the oblique abdominals, arms, and upper back, you will probably love this move. Side plank rows are pretty easy to master, but will leave your arms feeling like Jello. To increase the workout, try making it a side plank row with leg raise- that is sure to burn a bit more in the calorie department!


Russian Twists

Since the kettlebell was created in Russia, it makes sense that we would have at least one workout on this list with its namesake. Russian twists are another one of those great workouts for burning calories and toning the core. This move is sure to give your lower abs and oblique abdominals a major toning. To increase the workout, you can also try lifting your legs off the ground or bicycling them while doing the twists. Man, my abs are hurting just thinking about it!

If you are looking for a great 15-minute workout, do each of these move in this order, completing twenty of each or ten per side. The whole thing should take 15 minutes or less but give a massive workout. What are some of your favorite kettlebell workout moves?

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yes description or video of moves please

Wish you had a video, diagram, or description of the moves.

I love kettle bells they will get you in shape in no time but I agree, there should be some descriptions

Where are the pictures of the moves?

Why is there no description of these?

You should add in descriptions and techniques for these excersises

Pictures would be nice.

this would be much more useful if i knew how to actually do the moves lol, pictures or little videos would be nice!

It takes very specific technique to avoid injury when working with kettlebells. I cringe when I see bad form at the gym. Please, get a certified kettlebell instructor to show you safe form, otherwise it is frighteningly easy to sustain a rotator cuff injury, among other things.

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