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Just about everyone struggles to get moving right after they wake up, so finding exercises you can do in the morning may not be ideal for some. However, our hectic lives often make it difficult to schedule time to hit the gym. But if you devote 10 minutes in the morning to work on your body, the positive effects will certainly compile. Besides, these simple exercises you can do in the morning should make the wake up process easier.

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Bed Bicycle Crunches

Step one: lift your legs. Step two: start pedaling. This simple movement is great for targeting the lower core. Also, you can still be in bed while you do this! No gross workout mat is needed, which makes this one of my favorites exercises you can do in the morning.


Sun Salutation (Sun Optional)

This sequence of yoga poses is quite fitting for the time of day. Even for those, like myself, that sadly wake up before the sun, this is still a great movement because it gently stimulates just about every cell in your body in just a dozen steps. The steps aren’t complex, but I recommend you watch a Youtube video of someone else doing it. The only thing worse than not doing yoga is doing it wrong. Please, be careful!


Closet Pushups

If you’re like me, you can barely do a normal pushup. Have no fear, this exercise will help build up arm strength as well. Just find a wall (I use my closet door), pretend it's the floor, and push away. You can adjust your arm placement to change the portions of the chest used, too. If you do a repetition every time you pull something from your closet, then consider your arm workout quota satisfied.


Shower Squats

Depending on whom you live with, some of these exercises may look a tad silly. Have no fear! In the soothing privacy of a morning shower, you can be rather productive. I like to do squats, because they look the weirdest, and the bathroom provides the most privacy. Just use one of those shower mats and practice caution. We wouldn’t want any unwanted slipping.


NASCAR Stairway

I admit, this exercise may not apply to everyone. However, if there is a flight of stairs in your place—use them! Instead of making one or two trips up and down these steps, intentionally make a few extra round trips. For an added challenge, run as you go. That’ll get your heart pumping.


Coffee Contemplations

This trick was recommended to a family member who suffers from chronic headaches. Many neglect to exercise the more obscure muscles in the body—like the ones in your neck. I even forget they exist! But while you’re morning coffee or tea is brewing, just sit down, rest your chin against your thumbs, and press for a bit like you’re deep in thought. This isometric exercise will both strengthen your neck muscles and reduce the severity of your headaches. That’s a win-win to me.


Traffic Squeezes

So, after making it to the road, some may still feel like more could’ve been done in the morning. Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean your morning exercise time is up. Try sucking it in and holding it for 20 seconds or so, then repeat. It’s safe, it’s easy, and you don’t need to take your hands off the wheel as you do it. This exercise will help your abdominals, and it can be done anytime, too!

Remember, taking care of your body doesn’t require expensive memberships and torture-device looking equipment. Cavemen didn’t have ellipticals, and they seemed pretty strong. Therefore, the tools to a healthy body are already built within us. Do you have any secret routines that help keep you in shape amidst the morning madness?

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I am looking forward to trying this and any other exercises I can do!! Really wishing for NO MORE SNOW!!!

Wow..... I never thought about these....

OMG. I never realised it was so easy.

Thank you very much I really want to try these exercises

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