Fit πŸ’ͺ🏼 Girl Tricks for a Rockin 🀘🏼 Bod ...


As a fitness and health lover for as long as I can remember and trainer for countless lives, let me share with you the tricks of the trade that all fit girls know.

Most of these tricks are learned from experience, a trainer or even from reading our super informative articles.

And this can help you to achieve your goals.2

These tricks can help you to fight the battle of the bulge, get in your best shape and stay on track on a daily basis.

And this can help you have an edge on your non-fit counterparts.

So tune in to tone up with these tricks of the trade that all fit girls know!

1. Tighten Muscles

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Engage the muscles you are working as you perform each exercise.

With every repetition, engage your muscles and work hard to achieve amazing results.

Fit girls know just to do this and they do this in every workout!

2. Make Mind Muscle Connection

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Studies have proven that actually making a mind/muscle connection with every exercise can increase the results you achieve.

So think about your biceps being targeting as you perform bicep curls, concentrate on your triceps as you perform dips and transfer this attitude to all of your exercises.

This is why fit girls look so focused at the gym.

They are focusing!

3. Accentuate the Cardio

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Work your cardiovascular system as you get shredded with your daily cardio workout.

The more you perform your cardio workout, the more you will find yourself craving this exercise.

And as you get stronger you will be able to push yourself with a higher heart rate for longer.

Fit girls absolutely love their cardio for this very reason!

4. Don’t Forget the Weights

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So many women are fearful that lifting weights will make them big and this is so not the case.

Lifting weights will tone, tighten and even boost your metabolic rate.

Fit girls know just this and they lift weights several times a week for this very reason.

So pump some iron and get in your best shape!

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