7 Ways to Recover Quicklyfrom Your Workouts ...


As you complete one of your most strenuous workouts today, you may wonder, what is the best way to recover? Should you take a day off, week off, relax or those legs or show up tomorrow and workout harder? Or should you exercise at a light intensity the next day? There are so many different approaches so it is best to stick with the scientific evidence along with what works best for you. Knowledge is power in the fitness world and also becoming an athlete you become instinctive to your body cues. So check out the ways to recover quickly and effectively starting today:

1. Drink Lots of Water

Both before, during and after your workouts, drink lots of water. Aim for 8-12 glasses of water per day so that you can heal quicker from your workouts, optimize your performance and aid the digestive tract. Ample water will also help boost your metabolic functioning, so drink up!

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