These Are the 7 Exercises to Improve Agility You Must Try Today ...


Agility exercises are used by every professional athlete to help with speed, core strength and bettering the body. But that does not mean you have to be a pro to train like one. To get in your best shape, change your body and feel amazing, follow these 7 exercise routines to improve your agility starting today. Do not wait another minute to get in your best shape, Check this out now:

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Agility Exercises Can Help You to Maintain Control, Better Your Core Strength and Increase Special Awareness

Watch trainer Kai Wheeler move like a ninja as she glides through three agility exercises that can help you to boost your strength, speed and coordination. Do not be intimidated by the fierce and fabulous moves she shares with you because with practice, you can master this too!


Try These 6 Sensational Agility Moves

You can get in shape in just six moves with these agility exercises. These exercises will help you develop better awareness of your body, stay focused and get fit. So pay attention, get in the zone and push yourself for 12 minutes. Are you ready to get in your best shape?


Speed up Your Times and Feel Stronger by Utilizing an Agility Ladder

If you want to get speedier in the sport of your choice or just condition your overall body, follow the workouts in the video. The agility ladder is a great tool that every fitness buff can benefit from. So move those feet with speed and purpose and follow the great direction in this video while you do so.


Agility for Sports Endurance

In this routine there are two rounds of eight exercises to help you get in shape and improve your speed and body control. There are no weights or equipment necessary for this workout. Just stay focused and push yourself as you follow along for great results.


Be the King of the Court

If you enjoy playing tennis and want to master some super skills, follow this great workout plan. These drills will give you that extra edge to help you push your body and improve your endurance. So get focused and follow these great exercises so that you can be the king of the court!


Be Fierce and Work Your Body Strong with a Bear Crawl

Build your strength and step out of traditional exercise by doing a bear crawl through your yard. Although you may feel a little bit crazy doing this exercise, it will work your back, shoulders and triceps. Step away from your normal routine and have fun while getting fit and trying something new!


Do It with Some B Ball

Now finish your agility workout by following with some bold basketball drills. You do not have to be a baller to move like one so follow these drills and train like you are in the NBA. Follow the direction in this video to really feel the burn and make the most out of every basketball move.

With all these super effective agility exercises, it is time or you to train like a pro. Lace up your kicks and get ready to get in your best shape. Are you ready for the challenge?

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