7 Things That Occur when You First Join a Gym and the Solutions ...

By Tara

When you first join a gym, you are entering a world of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you may be surrounded by plenty of fit bodies, experienced in health and fitness. As women walk around in fitted shorts and sports bras, you may be sizing yourself up and wondering if you picked the wrong gym to join. Not everyone is in this shape; these fit bodies are because people worked to get them. Do not be intimidated: take a deep breath and accept that you can achieve the same results. When you first join a gym, here are a few things that may occur, but don’t be alarmed, get to the gym and look at the big picture that lies ahead: achieving your fit body!

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You May Be Intimidated

You walk around the sea of unknown fitness equipment in search of the treadmill because you know that is the machine where you at least know what to do. Relax and do not be afraid to ask the gym staff or a gym trainer how to work the fitness equipment. Or if you see a friendly gym member, do not be embarrassed to ask them. Everyone knows it is intimidating when you first join a gym, so let your guard down.


Identify Your Goals

Identify what your fitness and health goals are so you know where to begin in regards to training. What was your motivation in joining this gym? Use your goals to help create a fitness program that works for you.


Finding Fitness Classes That Work

There may be a round the clock schedule of fitness classes in your gym but this does not mean that all are good. Be selective in the way you spend your gym time and make sure your fitness classes are taught by an experienced instructor that makes you work hard to achieve results!


Getting Familiar with Weighted Equipment

With a floor full of weighted equipment, you may find yourself feeling lost in what and where to start. Invest in a book with the basics of fitness training and educate yourself. It is helpful to start with machines and work towards using free weights for a full range of motion and better results.


With or without a Trainer

If you are a beginner and looking to see great results in a specific time frame, you may want to invest in a personal trainer. A trainer can help you get on the right track with a customized fitness and food plan. Just make sure you interview your trainer to ensure proper qualifications and also that your get along, as you will have to work together closely.

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Getting on a Regular Schedule

One of the keys to success in exercise as well as healthy eating, is getting on a regular schedule. If you find that in the evening you often work late and this is not the most convenient time to exercise, do not do it. Find a time that works best for you. I find if I do not exercise early in the morning, I have trouble fitting it in. What time works best for you?


Not Losing Focus

After you join a new gym and get familiar with the other club members, you may make new friends. Just make sure as you make new friends, you do not lose focus on the reason you joined the gym. Stay focused and continue to work towards your goals. Make the conversations with your gym friends about fitness so you remember why you started.

So when you join a new gym, keep your head up, be ready to make new friends, learn more about your health and fitness and be ready to challenge yourself to a whole new level! Wishing you great health, happiness and greater fitness!

What did you experience when you joined your first gym?

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#7 is always my problem but I'm doing better

7 is a toughy, however persevere, be patient and motivate your self! It often helps if you remind your self why you're doing this, visualise and feel the emotions that made you make the decision to lose weight - good luck to ev one who is on the weight loss journey x