7 Tips for Your Best Hiking Workout ...


Did you know a hiking workout can burn double the amount of calories you would burn on the sidewalk? You can burn up to 300 calories in a 45 minute challenging hike! And the more challenging the terrain, the more calories you burn, so put your body to the test on some great hiking trails. And aside from a great workout, hiking will help you get in touch with nature and alleviate stress. But what are the ways to intensify your workout so that it is more than a rocky trail walk in the great outdoors? If you go a longer distance, try more challenging trails, and pick up your pace; you can intensify your fitness session. So get ready to have you best hiking workout ever with these tips:

1. Lengthen Your Hike

If you currently hike for 4 miles, bump up the duration. Go for a 6 mile hike to burn more calories and get in fat burning mode for longer time. This can boost your hiking workout and also help you lose weight!

Go for the Challenge
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