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The hardest part of working out is finding ways to be consistent with your workout routine. It is hard to commit to going to the gym a number of times a week. They say, “It takes 21 days to make a habit”. Once you get the hang of it, working out becomes a routine and is truly a life changing thing. Here are some ways to be consistent with your workout!

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The best of ways to be consistent with your workout is to provide yourself some guidance. When I began working out, I would do the same leg and ab routine over and over. I didn’t really know what exercises to do and did not want to search online continuously. Not only was this a not-so-effective workout, but it also made it harder to keep up the routine. I then came across an amazing phone app called Nike Training. This provided me with numerous workouts and even programs to make my workout easier and more efficient. I now have a schedule of workouts throughout the weeks, with different exercises, explanations and how-tos and even timers. This makes working out so much easier! Whether it is an app, trainer, class or program, some type of guidance with help you keep up a routine.



Another great way to keep up a workout routine is to get support. Have a gym buddy who will go to the gym with you regularly. This can be a friend, significant other, or a family member! That way, you can motivate each other to get pumped and ready and drag one another to the gym! My boyfriend who has been working out for years has helped me tremendously with keeping my workout consistent. A gym buddy can also help you with your form of your exercises.



Keeping a calendar of your workout routine handy is another way to keep a routine consistent. Have a calendar on the fridge or on your desk as a reminder of your workout routine. This means writing days off, cheat days, leg day, cardio day, etc. That way you can prepare yourself mentally and remind yourself of your routine. Another thing about keeping a calendar is planning a routine for weeks when you are on vacation or days when you’re extra busy. That way you can work around it and find times and workouts for those days.



The next thing you need to do to keep a workout routine consistent is accept that it will take time. This is something you need to work hard for, and doesn’t happen overnight. But, once you see results, I guarantee you won’t want to stop! However, in order to see the progress, you need to accept that it will take a few months. Don’t expect 6 pack abs after two weeks; it’s just not realistic and will discourage you rather than keep you going.


Keep Track

Keeping track of your weight loss is a great way to keep you motivated. Another thing you can do is take photos every week or two weeks and set up a photo album of your progress. Keep looking back at the photos and you won’t believe the progress you’ve made! This will be sure to keep you consistent at the gym.



A silly, yet effective way to stay consistent at the gym is to buy cute workout outfits. Now, I’m not saying go spend your paycheck on tons of Lululemon outfits! Forever 21 have a great workout clothing line with extremely affordable pieces. Once you purchase an outfit every so often, you’ll surely be excited to try it out and put it to use!


Push Yourself

Last but not least, push yourself. Keep yourself motivated by keeping fitness and motivational quotes around the house or where you will see. Push yourself with your workouts and your routine. You won’t believe what your body and mind are really capable of!

I hope these tips on ways to be consistent with your workout routine help you guys out. Working out and exercising is a really great way to stay fit and healthy. What are some ways you like to stay consistent?

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What I do when I begin to work out is measure my body my arms waist hips ect I usually don't weigh myself bc after a while muscle weighs more than fat and I don't want to ever be discouraged..

Love my workout clothes

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