The Ultimate Guide on How to Turn Shopping into a Workout ...


The Ultimate  Guide on How to Turn Shopping into a Workout ...
The Ultimate  Guide on How to Turn Shopping into a Workout ...

Wondering how to turn shopping into a workout? During the long, cold winter, the one thing that you don’t want to do is get outside to work out. Instead, this is replaced by one thing that the closeness of Christmas absolutely requires you to do, and that is getting out to the stores and doing more shopping than you ever thought possible! However, who says that these two things have to be mutually exclusive? Not me, that’s for sure! I think that the strenuous activity of Christmas shopping and subsequent New Year's sales provide the perfect environment for a spot of unusual exercise. Here are a few suggestions for how to turn shopping into a workout.

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Shop IRL

Get out and pound the streets to visit real stores instead of doing all of your shopping online. No calories are burned sitting at your computer! What better answer could there be for how to turn shopping into a workout?


Browse before Buying

Once in the store, commit to doing an entire lap of the perimeter before heading to the section where your goods are located in.


Start with Denim

If clothes shopping, start your session in the denim section so that you then have to carry around a few pairs of heavy jeans with you as you browse the rest of the store. Great workout for the arms.


Collect Your Own Sizes

When trying on outfits in the fitting room, make the effort to go out and collect your own different sizes rather than having an assistant do the running around for you.


Park Far Away

If you’re going to a shopping centre or mall, park far away so that you have to incorporate a little walk before you get to the stores.


Carry Your Coat

Hold your coat as you browse the shops instead of leaving it in the car. It adds a little bit of weight to carry around with you while you shop.


Power Walk

Walk with purpose and with power as you go from store to store. It can raise your heart rate more than you might anticipate.


Stairs Not Lifts

When you have a choice between taking a lift or escalator or taking steps to your location, always go with the steps. This is an easy way to add a more aerobic element to your shopping trip.



Be sure to practise proper posture as you walk around. It not only helps to make you look more statuesque, but it will train your muscles to be stronger and will encourage your spine and pelvis to be in the appropriate alignment.


Laps Whilst Trying Shoes

When you are trying on a new pair of shoes, rather than just taking a short walk up to the nearest mirror, take an entire lap around the store not only to experience what kind of comfort and fit you’ve got, but also to add some more activity to your trip.


Hold a Friend’s Bags

Work out your muscles a little more by offering to hold your friend’s shopping bags as you go through the stores. You’ll win brownie points and get fit at the same time!


Bend Elbows

When you are holding your bags, don’t let them hang down with straight arms but instead bend at the elbow to give your biceps something to think about.


Walk Every Aisle

Walk up and down every aisle in a store, even if you know they don’t contain anything that you want to buy.


Basket, Not Trolley

Always go for a basket over a trolley when food shopping. It will provide you with a mini weights session.


Heavy Shoes

Wear the heaviest shoes you own on your shopping trip. It will make your steps more weighted and means that you will be getting more of a workout than if you were wearing lightweight trainers or sandals.

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