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These Cardios Are Amazing for Weight Loss ...

By Jennifer

I confess: I used to loathe cardio. But a few years ago, I discovered it doesn't have to be a chore, and in fact, it can even be — gasp! — fun. So whether you're looking for a new cardio exercise to help you lose weight, stay fit, or just have more energy, here are the best cardios for weight loss, fitness, and energy (see what I did there)?

Table of contents:

  1. Trail running
  2. Elliptical machine
  3. Spinning
  4. Bicycling
  5. Stand-up paddleboard
  6. Stairs (or stair-climber)
  7. Dog walking
  8. Jump rope
  9. Swimming
  10. Skating
  11. Jumping jacks
  12. Rowing
  13. Zumba/dance
  14. Trapeze
  15. Hiking
  16. Tennis
  17. Volleyball
  18. Beach running
  19. Trampoline
  20. Basketball
  21. Crossfit

1 Trail Running

Source: Bff's
So it doesn't look like much - running on a trail - but even without much of an elevation change, trail running is so much more of a cardio workout than even regular running. OMG!

2 Elliptical Machine

Source: Burn More Calories on the
I'm the opposite of coordinated, so I'm afraid to try an elliptical workout - have you tried it? What's it like?

3 Spinning

Source: WeHeartIt
Ha ha ha! No! Not THAT kind of spinning! I mean the spin class at the gym.

4 Bicycling

Source: Biking!!??
If the new Soul Cycle craze is a bit intense for you, no worries - just hop on your bicycle and ride. It's still an excellent cardio workout!

5 Stand-up Paddleboard

Source: SUP should be just as
This looks like so much fun! I want to try it!

6 Stairs (or Stair-Climber)

Source: Run fast??
Your legs will be SO SORE the next day, but using the Stair Climber at the gym, or better yet, climbing actual stairs, is sure to get your heart thumping.

7 Dog Walking

Source: | We Heart It
I don't mean a leisurely stroll around the park - I mean let your big dog pull you through an almost-running half-hour "walk."

8 Jump Rope

Source: Jump rope- best cardio ever
It's not just for kiddies on the playground - jumping rope is a great cardio workout!

9 Swimming

Source: | We Heart It
If your joints can't handle a weight-bearing workout (like running), then swimming is for you. It's still a killer cardio workout, but it's gentler on your joints.

10 Skating

Source: | We Heart It
If you're skating on pavement or ice, chances are, your heart's pounding. See? Cardio! You got your workout for the day.

11 Jumping Jacks

Do 50 of these and tell me your heart's not beating fast. Do 50 of these three times, with a two-minute break in between, and wow! Cardio1

12 Rowing

Source: Untitled
You, a kayak or canoe, and two paddles. Boom. Cardio. Done.

13 Zumba/Dance

Source: Zumba
There's a reason Zumba is still so popular - it's fun, yes, but it's such a good cardio workout! Not into Zumba? Try any form of dance, from ballet to tap to just plain clubbing.

14 Trapeze

Source: | We Heart It
I'm not even kidding. A trapeze workout is insane, for your abs and core, and OMG, for your heart and lungs.

15 Hiking

Source: Tumblr
No gentle inclines or slow paces, and hiking can be quite a good cardio workout.

16 Tennis

Source: Training
I mean, have you seen the Williams sisters, or Anna Kournikova? Running all over a tennis court is very good cardio.

17 Volleyball

Source: Wallpaper
You don't realize til later how much of a cardi workout volleyball can be.

18 Beach Running

Source: Summer body
Tip: run in the wet part of the sand; it's much easier, and you won't get as much sand in your shoes.

19 Trampoline

Source: meh
Again, it doesn't seem like bouncing on a trampoline could be a good workout, but it is! And as you might expect, it's loads of fun!

20 Basketball

Source: Untitled
Whether you play on a team or just shoot hoops with friends in the park, basketball is an incredibly good workout - especially for your heart!

21 CrossFit

Source: Crossfit
All of our friends who do CrossFit have already told us how intense it can be. No further explanation required. *wink

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