How to Use Music to Boost Your Workout ...


How to Use Music to Boost Your Workout ...
How to Use Music to Boost Your Workout ...

Probably the majority of us prefer to work out to music but did you know that you can use that music to make your workout more effective? Here’s a few simple ways:

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Can’t Resist Pop!

One of the best ways music boost your workout is to make a playlist of your very favorite pop songs to help you get through your exercise routine. Scientific studies have been conducted that show that women respond very positively to having the beat of a great pop song playing as they work out,. It probably has something to do with having a rhythm to follow, having fun while you are putting your body through some intense activity, and also being able to forget what you are doing for a while and just enjoy the music!


Beats per Minute

Finding songs with different BPMs is a really effective way to start to increase the level and intensity of your exercise. If you want to build a tolerance, you can start with a playlist of mid tempo tracks to keep you in time, but as you become fitter, you can start branching out in to some faster, more dance/techno oriented music that will force you to work out faster and get your blood well and truly pumping!


Inspirational Songs

There is a reason that so many memorable movies have memorable songs attached to them; there is something about music that can be so inspiring! Imagine going out for a jog with the strong force of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ in your ears. You will run faster and harder than ever before because the tone and strength of the music will inspire you to be your very best.


You Can Time Your Workouts

If you are somebody who gets lost in the moment and never quite knows how long your workout has lasted, then a great way to add more structure to it is to make a playlist of all your favorite exercise songs that lasts exactly an hour, or 45 minutes, or however long you want to work out every day. As soon as the music finishes, you’ll know that you are done for the day.


Pick Appropriate Tones

Always be mindful of the pace and intensity of your exercise when thinking about which music to play. For example, while Eye of the Tiger might be the perfect choice for a big run, you might want something a little more sedate and peaceful for an afternoon of yoga. Music can really set the tone and inspire you to work out to your best ability, so make sure you pick songs that fit your ambitions.


Mix It up

A regular exercise routine can become really boring really quickly, so make sure that you change up your playlist regularly to add something different to the proceedings. Having new music to listen to every couple of weeks will make the workout feel less monotonous and repetitive.


Make the Most of Apps

If you have a smartphone, there are literally hundreds of different apps that specialize in helping you to make the most of the partnership between music and exercise: some make playlists based on your average running speed to fit with your flow; others have playlists that perfectly suit the mood for different kinds of exercises. Have a look for yourself; I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

If you are going to play music while you work out, you might as well put a little extra effort into the tunes you choose to boost the results – agreed?

What’s your favorite workout tune?

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