These Mental Rules Will Help You Get in Shape Quick ...


These Mental Rules Will Help You Get in Shape Quick ...
These Mental Rules Will Help You Get in Shape Quick ...

Want to get in shape? Don’t we all! The problem is that it can often be hard to find the motivation and energy to get there. It turns out that you need to retrain the way your brain works if you want to get in shape quickly. That means getting into the right frame of mind to create a program and stick with it. If you want to be the most in shape girl on the block, adopt these mental rules and you’ll see the results you crave in virtually no time at all.

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Replace Negative Thinking with More Positive Thoughts

clothing, person, image, woman, swimwear, You’ve got to stop getting down on yourself for making mistakes or choosing to go to happy hour instead of the gym. You’ll be so shocked at how giving yourself a break now and then can boost motivation and get your brain in the right frame of mind to help you get in shape. Start talking to yourself like you would a friend and you’ll be a lot happier and ready to get fit.


You Need a Very Specific Goal You Can Turn to when Things Get Tough

clothing, active undergarment, structure, room, muscle, When you set out to get in shape, write down a very specific goal for why you want to do that. Maybe it’s to look better in your clothes or to be stronger. Or maybe it’s to make all the other girls green with envy when you go to your high school reunion. Whatever it is, this goal is something you can repeat to yourself anytime things get tough.


Imagine Your Success

human action, person, human positions, muscle, arm, Get inside your own head and visualize what your success is going to look like. That picture can be hugely motivating. Once you’ve seen it, you are going to want it so bad, thereby driving your ambition so that you can make the changes necessary to get yourself there. What does your picture of success look like?


This is a Lifestyle Choice

human action, clothing, person, image, photography, When preface something by telling yourself you are choosing to do so, it’s much easier to have the willpower to do so. For example, “I’m choosing not to have another brownie today,” or “I’m choosing to go running before I watch television.” This just feels so much better than saying, “I have to…”


Work towards a Fabulous Reward

human action, clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, muscle, Knowing there’s a great new pair of heels or a fun new exercise outfit waiting for you when you reach a goal is a powerful mental tool for helping you get in shape and stay that way. Whatever motivates you should be the reward you create for yourself. Other great ideas include a manicure, a night out with friends or a professional massage. Just thinking about your prize is enough to get you going.


Create a Mantra for Yourself

human action, clothing, thigh, leg, arm, Much like a specific goal can keep you motivated, so too can a personal mantra that you repeat when you’re trying to bust out those last couple of reps. Saying it over and over to yourself can make it seem just a tad easier to get in shape. Something like “I am strong,” “I can do this,” or “I’m fierce” will work wonders.


It’s Fine to Indulge

clothing, beauty, swimwear, supermodel, vacation, Instead of beating yourself up, give yourself the grace to screw up now and then. Remember what I said in #1? Go ahead and build cheat days or days off into your progress so that you can be kind to yourself when you need a break and still get the time you need to rest and relax. Sounds good, right?


Celebrate Milestones

clothing, girl, beach, vacation, beauty, After setting goals, what are you going to do when you achieve them? This doesn't have to mean rewarding yourself with just food--a trip to the spa to get pampered can do wonders.


Surround Yourself with Positive Things

eyewear, nose, sunglasses, glasses, beauty, The road to success is never full of negative talk. Get rid of the things and people in your life that are telling you that you can't do it. Listen to motivational speakers online, or go on Pinterest and look up inspiring quotes to post on your mirror. You'll be that much closer to achieving your goals.


Meal Plans Works

leisure, vacation, uunil, Planning in advance will get rid of difficult choices. If you already have a meal set up, you will be less tempted to stop by a drive thru. This will lead to healthier eating.


There's No Such Thing as Perfection

hair, clothing, blond, swimwear, undergarment, That's just life. You can only control so much, and at times your perfect eating will get interrupted. Don't turn down a fun outing because of a salad you planned on eating. Enjoy yourself every now and then--you deserve it!

What mental rules help you stay in shape?

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