7 Secrets of an Amazing Athlete That You Can Learn from ...

Want to know secrets of an amazing athlete that you can learn from? You see the athletic accomplishments marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe, Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice, surfer Sally Fitzgibbon and wonder what has helped them become so amazing. You watch them in awe and amazement. Is it genetics, talent, passion or are there secrets that make them such super athletes? How did these athletes become so darn amazing? If you look at many athletes, it is not genetics. In fact, their parents may even be non-athletic so there is something else that makes them successful. What makes them go beyond? Mental strength, passion, focus, fuel and training are just a few. Here is the list of secrets of an amazing athlete that you can learn from too:

1. Mental Strength is the Majority

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One of the major secrets of an amazing athlete is having mental strength and just believing. Despite the injury you are healing from or your lack of training, you still manage to win a race. Why? You believed in yourself and fought through all the obstacles. Now that is amazing! Can you stand up to this?

2. Fuel with Passion

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Use your passion to fuel your workouts. If you find yourself stuck with a perma smile even through your toughest of workouts, you are fueling with passion. Passion is about doing it for the love and laughs, rather than for the money. If you fuel with passion you will have a key ingredient of an amazing athlete.

3. Cross Training is Key

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Aside from countless hours training for your sport, you must cross train to work a full range of muscle groups. Swimmers, for example, need to do land workouts as well as water workouts. If you can master the art of proper cross training, you will develop one of the core secrets of an amazing athlete.

4. Fall in Love with Your Training

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Fall in love with the sport you chose to involve yourself in. One of biggest factors of success is dedicating yourself because of this love. Amazing athletes enjoy their training despite the hard work and effort that go along with this. Learn from this and live it!

5. Properly Fuel

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Super athletes do not fuel their body with junk so do not be cheap or unhealthy. You need to eat whole grains, veggies and fruits for optimal athletic performance. You deserve to achieve greatness and eating healthy can help you to achieve this!

6. Stay Focused

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Phenomenal athletes are not thinking about the laundry they have to do or the other stresses of life when they work out. They get focused. Get into focus for your training and during competitions and live the dream by achieving great accomplishments and performing your personal best!

7. Sleep is Vital

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With hectic training schedules, amazing athletes probably sleep minimally, right? Nope, think again! To perform at your athletic best, 9-11 hours a sleep is best! And if you are like me and you cannot imagine how you can fit all that sleep into your schedule, try to increase your nightly sleep for 30 minutes to one hour longer. Small changes make a big difference!

So with all the secrets of an amazing athlete, are you ready to make changes in your life? Then stop dreaming and start doing!

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