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I have had to overcome obstacles in fitness training on many occasions. From lack of time to concern that fitness can get in the way of family time, there are many blocks in the road that you learn to work around so that you can get your workout in. If you want anything in life, you can do it. Sometimes, it just takes a little organization to make it happen. Here are some of the main obstacles to fitness training and their solutions so you can hurdle past to get your workout in!

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I Have No Time

Lack of time is one of the biggest obstacles in fitness training: taking the kids to the bus in the morning; getting ready; and going to work. By the time evening rolls around you are spent. So how do you get your workout in? I get to bed early and always rise early to get my workout in. If you exercise earlier in the day, you will have more energy, feel less stressed and have one less task to conquer, which actually is the most rewarding aspect!


I Lack Motivation

You awake early to get your workout but after you get up, you are just not in the mood for a workout. Lack of motivation is common but you need to get up and give yourself a push. Do not over think it, just do it. After you achieve results that will be motivation enough to keep you going.


Everyone is Watching Me

Some people do not like to go the a gym because they feel insecure, like everyone is watching. I have known clients afraid to run outdoors in fear drivers passing by were staring at them. People are usually not even noticing if your shirt is hanging out. I have accidentally worn my shirt inside out at the gym and no one ever even noticed because people are watching themselves in the mirror. So be less concerned about everyone else and get focused on your own goals, form and pushing yourself in your workout sessions.


Gym is Too Expensive for Me

You finally find the best fitness gym for you to join because of its location, hour and amenities but it is expensive. If you can, sacrifice dollars in other parts of your life like dining out, so you can join the gym that works for you. Health is the most important part of your life so the dollars you spend on this will come back tenfold today and for years to come!


I Am Not Athletic

If you find you have two left feet on the dance floor and never had a stitch of athletic ability, this does not mean you are doomed to fail in your workout sessions. Hire a personal trainer to help you with your form and create a fitness schedule that works with you and your athletic abilities. You can become an athlete at any age, regardless of your non-athletic past!


I Am Afraid I May Get Hurt

You avoid lifting weights or doing anything else too strenuous in fear of getting injured, but you feel like you may be missing out. Get out of your comfort zone and lose your fear by pumping some iron. You can start out with light weights while you hone perfect form and then gradually increase. Weightlifting can help you to build muscle which is metabolically active tissue that allows you to burn more calories at rest. So face your fears by pumping some iron today!


My Family Does Not Support Me

As you begin to exercise, your family seems to find every other reason to aim to steer you away from your goal. Do not allow anyone to get in the way of you and your goals. Explain your intentions to your family and try to recruit them to join in. As a team you can all achieve more together!

With the many obstacles of fitness training you must work through and overcome to achieve your fitness goals! So tell me, do you have any other fitness obstacles not on this last that you have had to work through?

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Can u eat breakfast before your workout in the morning? Because I find very difficult to run in the morning without food in my stomach. What would you suggest?

In a addition to #4, you don't even need a gym to work out! Trails, sidewalks, and parks are great for running, and there's loads of work out videos and printable exercise routines online!

#3 is so me, reasons why I workout at home...I barely go into the gym

@nish5 Thank you

@sara i eat banana before workout.

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