7 Top Fitness Moves Models Don't Tell Us ...


Even if you will not be strutting on the runway or posing for a cover shot anytime soon, certain moves will help you to achieve a toned, lean body like fashion models. Eating healthy is of course important but without exercise, a model would not have a toned, tight body ready for the next photo shoot. Nothing complements a photo like a toned, tight and beautiful body. So follow along with the trainers in these videos to help you learn the fitness moves that models don’t tell us!

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How in the world does that thin model have such an amazing butt? Don’t think that is all just good genetics. If you want it, you just have to work for it. So drop it low and follow this squat challenge video of 10 sets of 10 squats, all in different variations. In a matter of weeks you will be glad you put in the time when you see the incredible results that you earned!


One Leg Dead Lift

A single dead lift is a master move that a lot of models live by because this works your core, hamstrings and glutes. This isolation exercise can do wonders for your back end and also help to minimize (or even eliminate) cellulite. So check out this demonstration and follow along for 3 sets of 10 for 2-3 days per week!


Cardio Yoga

For models who spend the majority of their day obsessed with how they look for photo shoots and videos, it is important to meditate and stretch. Yoga can be critical in helping to perform and feel their best. But what about the cardio to keep them lean and strong? Well, combine both and follow along with this cardio yoga video. This workout will give you an active stretch while relaxing your entire body.


Victoria's Secret Angel Workout

To look like an angel you have to work out hot and hard like a devil. So work out your booty with this great Victoria's Secret angel workout. These exercises are great to target the glutes and legs to help you get in your best booty shape. So squeeze, tighten and tone while you are in the zone.


Bootcamp Workout

A model life is a busy life with staying shape and balancing business. I get it. Check out this great workout as I exercise with children. Make sure you push yourself with the cardio workout and push yourself into model shape.



Models have long, lean cores that look amazing in pictures, but this does not come easily; you have put in the time and exercise. And the best way to achieve this is through healthy eating and super effective exercises like the plank. Did you know the plank can work your total core? Follow along with me in this video as you get in your best model shape!



You may not even know just exactly what a burpee is, so pay close attention to me in this video as I guide you through the proper form. Please ignore my belly as I am several months pregnant in this video and with my doctor’s approval was able to exercise with caution. Models put in the time and energy to get in shape and burpees take plenty of energy to help you do so. So follow along and get to it!

With all these model workouts revealed, just where will you begin? Remember, healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand so make sure you embody a healthier lifestyle so you can achieve your best shape. Move over models, there is a new girl in town!

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