Small Dorm Rooms Are No Match for These Fun and Effective Exercises ...


Staying fit at college doesn't have to be a challenge with these exercises for small dorm rooms. You honestly don't need a large space to get a full body workout. Even if you have the most hectic schedules, these exercises for small dorm rooms are simple, fast and effective. Add these to all the walking you do on campus and you'll look and feel amazing.

1. Squats

One of the best exercises for small dorm rooms is squats. Squats work your legs, butt, back and core. Plus, you're not limited to one type of squat. There are dozens to choose from. If you're able to add in small dumbbells, even better as you'll also be able to work your arms. I highly recommend watching a few squat workout videos on YouTube to find the right ones and ensure you're doing them correctly.

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