Inspiring Total Body Moves 💃🏼 for the Fitness 💪🏼 Obsessed ...

If you are obsessed with fitness and just can’t get enough of getting your fit on, you may want to start doing these fitness moves.

These moves are great to challenge you, push yourself and help you to get in your best shape.

And as you get stronger you can add repetitions to feel the burn.

And since these are all total body moves you will boost your metabolism becoming a fat burning machine.

So get to it with moves like the burpee, lunge variations, plank, step ups and even jumping rope.

And to see maximum results, make sure you push yourself to perform every exercise at full intensity.

1. Burpee

The burpee is a super effective total body exercise that combines a squat, vertical jump and a push up.

With so many exercises packed into one effective move, it is no wonder this is so extreme.

Even the fittest will be challenged when performing a burpee so make sure this power packed moved is part of your day!

Lunge Bicep Curl