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If you find that being a creature of habit could be hurting you because you are not achieving your goals, you may want to switch it up.

The same workouts could be holding you back from meeting and exceeding your fitness goals, so try some something different.

Add some diversity and try something new, like the workouts I have laid out for you.

So get up and get ready to rock your body with fitness variety!

1. Bootcamp

If you want to get in star shape, you have to push it up to the next level.

So why not try Bootcamp?

Warm up with a 2-mile run, then follow along and perform 3 sets of 18 lunges (follow the form as I guide you in the video) and 3 sets of a one minute plank.

Finish with a 2-mile speed walk or run to increase the intensity of your routine.

2. Zumba

Get your funk on with these two ladies performing Zumba.

Make your body your masterpiece by getting your sweat on with this great dance workout.

Sometimes you need to switch it up with an eclectic workout, just to try something new and break the boredom.

So get your hips moving and make the most out of every fitness moment!

3. Belly Dancing

Rotate your hips, shake your booty and work your abs with this great belly dancing workout.

Belly dancing is an effective and exciting workout that will work your total body.2

Follow along with this great routine.

Move like Shakira and have a blast while you get your sweat on with this super workout.

4. Latin Dancing

Dance off the inches with this sizzling salsa workout.

Get up, get ready and move your body to the Latin groove as you get in your best shape.3

If you are tired of the same fitness routine, switch it up with this Latin workout.

I love this workout because you cannot help but move your body to the beat.

Barre Method
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