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10 Workout Challenges to Get You Seriously Fit in 30 Days ...

By Madalyn

These workout plans are for girls who like a challenge. They're designed to target specific body parts, so you choose which ones you want to try, or you can try them all! Don't be fooled they’re tough, which is why they’re very effective, but don't you worry because anyone can try them and complete them. With the right motivation and mindset you'll be breezing through these and getting the results you want.

1 Flat Abs Challenge

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2 Butt Challenge

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3 Slim down Challenge

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4 Ab & Squat Challenge

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5 Beach Body Challenge

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6 Thigh Slimming Challenge

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7 Waist Trainer Challenge

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8 Amazing Abs Challenge

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9 Extreme Squat Challenge

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10 Sleek Arms Challenge

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