Easy Yoga Core Workouts No Equipment Necessary ...


Easy Yoga Core Workouts No Equipment Necessary ...
Easy Yoga Core Workouts No Equipment Necessary ...

Summer is long gone but that is no excuse to ditch your workout. Cold weather the perfect time for some easy yoga core workouts. Even though you may not be wearing a bikini, just think about how great your upcoming summer body will be if you start putting work in earlier. Who doesn’t want abs? I will share with you a few easy yoga core workouts that you can do now for a hot body when summer comes back around.

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Planks, planks, planks! They are so convenient because you can do them practically anywhere. They not only work out your core, but also your arms, shoulders and back. One essential thing to remember when you’re doing a plank is to not look down, but rather diagonal and to make sure that your posture is correct. To challenge yourself, you can hold a plank for a few minutes, do dolphin plank (on your forearms) or side plank. Either way, this is one of the best easy yoga core workouts you'll ever find.


Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog is a great pose because, just like with a plank, it works out the entire body. In downward facing dog, you lift you leg high up in the air (while keeping the hips squared) and bending the knee into the rib cage and then lifting it back up. Make sure to round your back when you bring you knee into you rib cage so that you feel your core working. To make this more challenging, you can bring you knee, not only to your rib cage, but also to your left elbow and right elbow.


Boat Pose

Boat pose is the pose for core. If you want to work your core in a yoga class, trust me this pose will definitely be included. You sit down with your legs in front of you, then you bend your knees and lift them about 45-50 degrees above the ground. Once you’re ready, you straighten your legs and lift your arms so that they are pointing towards your feet. Remember to keep your back straight and to tighten the core! If you would like to challenge yourself, you can hold the pose for a few minutes and do crunches.

Get up off the couch, ditch the chips, and try these 3 core workouts. You’re wearing sweaters now, but before you know it, it’ll be bikini season again. Your future new summer bikini will be thanking you! Your core will be burning and your abs will be peeking through in no time.

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