10 Cool Ways to Get Paid to Work out for Girls Wanting Fitness and Cash ...


10 Cool Ways to Get Paid to Work out for Girls Wanting Fitness and Cash ...
10 Cool Ways to Get Paid to Work out for Girls Wanting Fitness and Cash ...

Wouldn't it be awesome to find ways to get paid to workout? You could fit in your exercise and earn some money at the same time, which is a dream of many girls. Fortunately, there are many ways to get paid to workout and they are each things you can add to your routine without a ton of effort.

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Create Your Own Youtube Fitness Videos

YouTube is one of the best ways to get paid to workout. Some fitness videos can make up to $1300 a month from views of 600k. Of course the more views you get the more money you make. If you have a big following you may be asked by name brand companies to promote their products or even gain a sponsorship.


Posting Your Progress on Instagram

Who doesn't like a success story? Watching real people transform themselves is more motivational then someone who is already in shape, and can gain you quite a following. Some Instagram influencers make up to $18,000 per post by promoting certain products.


The Numerous Apps You Can Use to Get Paid for Healthy Choices

Apps Like Healthy Wage, Pact, Dietbet, and even Walgreens can link to your Fitbit or you can log in and participate in a community betting pool to reach your goals. Each app pays out differently, some with cash, others with reward points for products. Paired up with your regular activities, this can start to add up.


Become a Personal Trainer

An average Trainer can make around $50,000/yr helping others with their fitness goals. Of course, you will have to pay for a few certifications depending on what you would like to train in. Teaching classes or one on one training can be very rewarding for both you and your clients.


Start Your Own Dog Walking Business

There are several apps out now that let you post your services or pay you to walk other people's dogs. Walking is a great exercise for anyone just starting out and you get paid to be around some really cute dogs. You may only make a few extra hundred a month but add this to your Fitbit app and you can be making more with all those steps you will be taking.


Become an Outdoor Tour Guide

There are many resorts that hire for seasonal work or just start something in your own town. You can set your own rates and some guides can make up to $80,000/yr for guided mountain hiking, scuba diver guide, biking trail guides, and many others. Take your outdoor hobby and make some money from it.


Professional Female Athlete

You can join a team or compete for yourself. There is money to be made in sports and many women have proven this lately. Serena Williams, Ronda Rousey, Danica Patrick, and countless others have made their mark as professional female athletes. There are tournaments and leagues in all sports that you can make money in, like bowling, softball, archery, and volleyball.


Raise Money for a Charity

Now the money may not be going to you, but the feeling you get for running a marathon or whatever fitness activity you may choose, and raising money for a cause that you care about could be the best motivation. You can get your friends to join in and race alongside you. Look for charities that represent your interests and may benefit someone you care about.


Get a Job as a Dancer

There are plenty of bars and clubs that will pay you to entertain their guests. Belly dancing is very popular, along with go-go dancing in certain towns. You can audition for a music video, or a competition. Some of these women get paid up to $200/hr or more for special events like weddings and concerts.


Game Show Competitor

American Ninja Warrior, America's Got Talent, So you think You Can Dance, and Survivor are just a few shows that pay the winners big prizes and help you get in shape. If you are well liked and get some attention you may get sponsored to represent a name brand on your social media after the show.

No matter what you do you are always representing yourself and the best version you can be. So make money off building the brand of YOU!

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