Tranquil Workouts to do before Bed for a Good Night's Sleep ...

Relax, rest your body, put on zen music and get ready to doze off to sweet, peaceful dreams. If you are lying in bed restless, you may want to change up your routine. Try to relax your body and your mind with a tranquil workout before you go to bed tonight. A tranquil workout can help loosen your joints and ease your muscles in preparation for the next day. You will recover your body and ease into peaceful dreams after you do this tranquil workout. Here are a few of the workouts that I like best:

1. Cobra Stretch Will Relax Your Back

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The cobra stretch will relax your lower back and core as well as strengthen your back. This is so relaxing and will actually de-stress your body. I feel so much looser after doing a cobra stretch. Follow along with this video to learn just how you can de-stress too!

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