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If you have become a work lounger, sitting staring at a computer screen on the daily, you are like majority of desk workers. Sitting in an office with minimal activity can be wreaking havoc on your body. And guess what, it is likely you could be causing damage to your back and it may not be looking so beautiful. You may even find that your only activity for the day is heading to the water cooler for a drink, so you just may need to rev up your life. Before you cause further damage, it is time for you to take action. Aside from adding more walking exercise into your daily routine, it would help to add some back exercises. And the exercises are easy to add to your day because you can actually do them right at your desk. All these exercises are all proven to prevent back pain, improve your wellness and give you a beautiful back!

1. Shoulder Shrugs

Toning and sculpting your back does not require heavy lifting! Simply sit up straight with both feet rested on the floor and shrug your shoulders. Let your arms hang rest loosely by your sides. Raise your shoulders as high as you can. Then relax and bring your shoulders down. Repeat this exercise several times so you can be on your way to a beautiful back.

Shoulder Blade Hold
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