These No Bulk 📦 Exercises Actually 💯 Work ...

Some fitness enthusiasts equate strength moves with bulk and if this is not your goal, you may shy away from this. But there are specific exercises that can help you to tone, shred and sculpt. These exercises will raise your heart rate and also boost your metabolism making you a fat burning machine. As a certified trainer for well over a decade I include these exercises for clients looking to shred without building bulk and these are also staples in my own routine. So take a page from my book and perform these proven result exercises!

1. Burpees

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With a vertical jump, squat thrust and pushup; this compound exercise will give you a bang for your buck. Raise your heart rate while challenging yourself to the next phase in fitness. And no need to worry about building bulk, the burpee exercise will help you to get shredded and star in your own fitness modeling competition by achieving mega results!

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