The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign ...


The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign ...
The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign ...

You exercise to a routine, you are comfy in what you wear, you eat the right things before and after, but are you doing the right workout? There’s no perfect answer to that but you could look to astrology for some inspiration. Here’s what the gurus say is the ideal workout for your zodiac sign.

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Pisces – Bikram Yoga

Pisces women tend to be extremely meditative and spiritual, which makes this form of yoga the perfect fit. Performed in a room as hot as 104F, the workout will strengthen your mind and rid you of nasty toxins!


Aries – at Home with Jillian Michaels

Aries women tend to be a fiercely independent bunch, usually most comfortable and confident when working out on their own away from the prying eyes of others. The perfect virtual motivator for Aries would definitely be Jillian Michaels. She won’t let you slack even if you are the only one in the room!


Taurus – P90X

The best workout for your zodiac sign if you are a Taurus is the grueling but so, so rewarding P90X. This type of exercise combines brilliantly with a classic Taurus’s never say die attitude, and your tendency to never give up will bring heaps of definition and improved cardio.


Gemini – Zumba

Geminis are really sociable and fun loving people, so the type of workout that would suit them perfectly is zumba. Zumba is so fun and enjoyable that you end burning calories without even noticing it, bring an end to the phrase “no pain, no gain!”


Cancer – Pure Barre

Cancers have been known to be something of a wildcard in terms of personality, so they need a workout that will test their strength but also provide some meditative relaxation too. Pure Barre does both of these, and the best part is that you can start as a complete beginner.


Leo – Weightlifting

Just like the animals that represent them, Leos are strong and crave power, so the forceful and in-control nature of weightlifting is perfect for them. Weightlifting is diverse and can help you achieve many different goals from weight loss to muscle gain.


Virgo – Tai Chi

Virgos tend to be very thoughtful and content within their own minds, so Tai Chi is great because it combines both mental and physical strength to provide a really enjoyable and worthwhile work out.


Libra – Full Gym Circuit

Libras are known to crave balance and routine, so what better to satisfy this need in exercise than to complete an entire circuit at the gym? It brings them the balance they love and provides an all round great work out experience.


Scorpio – Boxing

Scorpios can be very intense, so there is no better form of exercise for a Scorpio than the high intensity of a boxing workout. It serves as both a way to get into shape and a way to release tension and anger from other elements of your life.


Sagittarius – Laughter Yoga

If you’re a Sagittarius, chances are you are the most happy-go-lucky person that you know. To suit your personality, try out this trendy new yoga alternative that encourages giggling and laughter as a form of exercise!


Capricorn – Marathon Training

The best workout for your zodiac sign if you are a Capricorn is something that involves big ambition and goal setting, and something like marathon training certainly fits the bill. You get fit and enjoy the process.


Aquarius – Pole Dancing

An Aquarius is a true individual and rarely conforms to the norm, and the form of exercise that perfectly typifies this kind of attitude is pole dancing! It’s fun, it’s different, and you will end up with abs to die for!

So! Do you agree with the experts’ choices? Did they get the best exercises for zodiac signs right?

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Laughter yoga? Gotta do some research 😉

Very interesting! I will test it out.. We r a fam of 4 different astrological signs, so I can't wait to see if this is accurate!

Pole dancing sounds fun can't wait to try it

Thank you😘😍

I love Yoga, but who ever heard of laughter yoga!??

I think pole dancing would be fun

Never heard of pure barre

I love Zumba and I hate boxing

I should be boxing because am a Scorpio

Aw am cappy ...i like running ...martial arts pole dance..zumba almost evrythng abt workn out

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