What to do when You Hate Exercise but Want to Be Fit ...


What to do  when You Hate Exercise but Want to Be Fit ...
What to do  when You Hate Exercise but Want to Be Fit ...

Are you wondering what to do when you hate exercise? You certainly aren't alone.

We all do things such as brush our teeth, wash our laundry, eat meals, etc., without having to be told, whether we want to or not. We do these things automatically. Don't you wish the same for activity? Some of you may be seasoned exercisers, but there are some ladies who really hate it. Browse over the following for some much-needed TLC and learn what to do when you hate exercise.

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Don't Call It Exercise

vertebrate, tree, plant, grass, fun, The dreaded word makes us think of a dreaded phobia. Instead, call it "activity". Even house cleaning is an activity! That's an easy enough answer for what to do when you hate exercise, right?


Don't Compare Yourself

room, flooring, Do you have a neighbor that never has to worry about her weight? Competition will only make things worse. Get in activity the way YOU want and not the way the Jones are doing it.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

, This does not mean competition, but to personally go slow at whatever pace you want. This is something instead of nada and gets you on the right track.


Get an Accountability Partner

physical fitness, muscle, recreation, girl, fun, Work out together to DVDs or take a walk. More than likely you will chat away the minutes and it won't be so bad.


Attempt Something Different

entertainment, dance, performing arts, physical exercise, choreography, Bring out the kid in you. Buy a hula hoop, a jump rope, a mini-trampoline, etc. Mix it up this way and exercise will never be boring.


Think of the Benefits

gym, exercise machine, structure, exercise equipment, weight training, For example, think of your new soon-to-be mood and boosted energy and all the heads you're going to be turning.


Don't Wait

shoulder, gym, physical fitness, arm, weight training, How many days or years will go by until you are "ready"? Do you really feel that putting it off until later is really the best? Once you get started, it won't be so bad.


Simply do One Thing

footwear, leg, tights, shoe, joint, For now, do the same thing every day. Before winning that gold medal, you need to start loving your body and activity little by little more each day.


Keep an Activity Log

physical fitness, physical exercise, joint, leg, choreography, Write down every day if you have gotten in activity or not. This helps you stay accountable and you can even create little competitions with yourself.


Change Poor Environments

performance, audience, fashion, performance art, muscle, Are the people around you unpleasant? Go in a room, shut the door and do your thing...alone. Put on some music and exercise your own way.

More than likely, you are not going to make these habits in one day. Keep these points handy and do one or two each day. You are not going to be any good for yourself, your family or your friends if you do not take good care of yourself. You will even begin to feel like your own BFF! Hop on the activity wagon today!








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Thank you I really enjoyed this, because I hateee exercise but after 2 kids it's time to get in shape again!

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